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Friday, September 04, 2015

About Us


The Denver Ballroom Dancing website originated in 2007 to promote dancing in the Denver metro area !  

I grew to FOUR Dancin' Affairs at three different locations per month in 2013 and 2014 for you to enjoy !

In October 2014, I celebrated being in business for seven years with our Days of Wine and Roses Affair at the Kickers Club.

Many of you were there to help in the celebration.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to more years of hosting social ballroom dances with continuous music, the Waltz Mixer, great DJs and excellent dance instructors from the Denver area.

As I said many times before,  "As long as you keep supporting my dances, I'll keep hosting them."

For 2015 I am downsizing to only hosting Dancin Affairs at the Kickers Club, 16776 W 50th Ave, Golden, CO, 80403.              

We host two monthly dances, the 1st Saturday and 3rd Friday, at one of the best dance floors in Denver, The Denver Kickers Club, located at 16776 W 50th Ave, Golden, CO 80403. Check out our upcoming events or get directions here.

Our dance at the Kickers features a pre dance lesson with top notch local instructors all for $10 per person.
Our Entertainers and DJs, the finest in Denver, play a good selection of dance music from the 40's to the present. You can expect a continuous flow of dance music from 8-11pm.

I have cancelled my dances at the Masonic Lodge at 3550 Federal as of November 1,2014.

I provided Sunday dances there once a month from July 2013 thru October 2014.

I finished my agreement with the El Jebel Dance Band (orchestra) and am no longer hosting Dancing affairs there.

The El Jebel Shrine, 4625 50th Ave, (50th and Tennyson) Denver,CO, 80212, is going thru a change of ownership and is on a month to month existence at that location.

This is a very elegant and spacious dance floor, complete with chandeliers, a cash bar, and plenty of parking.

They are still hosting dances there until they have to move so visit them when you can.

I strive to provide an elegant evening of dancing for you to enjoy, socialize, and make new friends here in the Denver area.

According to the editor of the Dancin' Denver magazine, we've become "the place to be for Denver Metro dancers."

I've also been told "we've brought a different 'mix' of dancers together from many areas in Denver." Singles and couples, about 150 people each time, come to dance and socialize. Our waltz mixer is very popular.

If you're close to the Denver Metro are, please come dance with us.

While you are visiting our website make sure to get on our email list for future updates.

I look forward to seeing you on the Dance Floor soon.

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