Denver Ballroom Dancing
Monday, January 26, 2015

Upcoming Events

January   4,   2014, Saturday   at the Kickers       "Snowman Affair"              Maggie will teach Hustle

January   17,  2014,  Friday      at the Kickers        Country Night                    Maggie will teach Cowboy Cha Cha

January   25,  2014,  SATURAY  at the MASONIC  3550 Fedearl       7-10pm  continuous dancing, no lesson     

February   1,   2014, Saturday  at the Kickers        Chineses New Year           Maggie will teach Foxtrot  CANCELLED

February    8, 2014, SATURDAY at the Westminster Grange 3715 W 73rd Ave TIKI Dinner-Dance  Rhumba lesson

February    9, 2014  Sunday at the Masonic  3550 Federal "Chinese New Year"  6-9pm continous dancing with DJ, no lesson CANCELLED

February  21,  2014,  Friday      at the Kickers                                                    Maggie will teach Rhumba

February  23, 2014, Sunday   at El Jebel Shrine  4625 W 50th       5pm Waltz lesson, 6pm Dance Band

March         1,  2014, Saturday at the Kickers       Mardi Gras          Maggie will teach the Samba and Samba line dance 

March        8, 2014 SATURDAY at the El Jebel Shrine   6pm Tango lesson 7pm El Jebel Dance Band     

March       21,  2014,  Friday     at the Kickers         70's Affair                   Maggie will teach Hustle

March      29,   2014,  SATURDAY  at the MASONIC 3550 Federal  7-10pm   70's Dance 

April            5, 2014,   Saturday  at the Kickers      50's Affair  Mike Sangster Trio, Maggie will teach Jitterbug

April          13, 2014,  Sunday at the El Jebel Shrine 4625 W 50th 6pm Lesson TBA 7-10pm dancing   Band CANCELLED

April          18, 2014, Friday at the Kickers  A Blooming Affair  Maggie will teach Bolero

April          19, 2014 (updated 3/20/14) SATURDAY (at the Masonic  3550 Federal 7-10pm with DJ Mike Randleman

May           3,  2014  Saturday at the Kickers   The Vegas Rat Pack Affair           Maggie will teach Foxtrot

May           4, 2014   Sunday  at the El Jebel Shrine   4625 W 50th    6pm Lesson in Jitterbug

May         16, 2014   Friday at the Kickers     16776 W 50th     Beach Party Affair    Maggie will teach Cha Cha 7-8pm

May         30, 2014   Friday at the Masonic Center    3550 Federal        7-10pm Dance

June        7, 2014   Saturday at the Kickers  16776 W 50th Ave    Pink Flamingo Affair   Maggie will teach Night Club Two-Step

June      20,  2014   Friday at the Kickers      16776 W 50th Ave   Hawaiian Affair     Maggie will teach American Cha Cha

June      21, 2014    Saturday at the El Jebel Shrine  4625 W 50th  Last Time at this facility..the building has been SOLD

                               6pm Cowboy Cha Cha w/Jim and Rita, 7-9 El Jebel Dance Band, 9-10pm DJ Jim Killeen

June     29, 2014   Sunday at the Masonic Center  3550 Federal   6-10pm Dance  50's Theme

July         5, 2014  Saturday at the Kickers  16776 W 50th Ave "God Bless America"  Maggie will teach the Samba 
 the Samba Line Dance                                                                                                                                                 

July      18, 2014  Friday at the Kickers  16776 W 50th Ave  Margaritaville Maggie will teach Bolero

July      20, 2014  Sunday at the Masonic Center 3550 Federal  MoTown Sounds

August   1, 2014  Friday at the Masonic Center  3550 Federal  Colorado Day

August   2, 2014  Saturday at the Kickers 16776 W 50th                           Maggie will teach American Cha Cha

August 15, 2014  Friday at the Kickers 16776 W 50th                                Maggie will teach Tango

August  17, 2014 Sunday at the Masonic Center 3550 Federal

Sept        6, 2014  Saturday at the Kickers 16776 W 50th   70's Affair          Maggie will teach Hustle

Sept       19, 2014  Friday at the Kickers 16776 W 50th      Cruise Night      Kristin Ham will teach West Coast Swing

Sept        28, 2014 Sunday at the Masonic Center 3550 Federal                 Mike Sangster Trio

Oct           4, 2014  Saturday at the Kickers  7th Anniversary "Days of Wine and Roses"   Maggie will teach Rumba 

Oct          11, 2014 SATURDAY at the Masonic 3550 Federal                       DJ  Art Abington

Oct         17, 2014  Friday at the Kickers 16776 W 50th  "Halloween Costumes"   Maggie will teach Bachata

Nov           8, 2014 Saturday at the Kickers    Scarecrow Affair                 Maggie will teach Foxtrot I

Nov         21, Friday at the Kickers         Thanksgiving                              Maggie will teach Foxtrot II

Dec           6, Saturday at the Kickers    Winter Ball                                   Maggie will teach Bolero I

Dec        19,   Friday  at the Kickers      Christmas Ball                              Maggie will teach Bolero II

Jan         3,  Saturday at the Kickers

Jan       16,  Friday at the Kickers


Holiday Gala Event

Did you know that the Holiday Gala is just around the corner? Get your tickets below.